Di Jiang or the Divine Di Jiang 神灵帝江 (shén líng dì jiāng) is an ancient deity from Chinese mythology. Di Jiang is described as a yellow sack with six legs and four wings. Where the face should be there is only chaos. The skin of Di Jiang varies in color but he is depicted to have either yellow, red, black, or flesh-colored skin [1,2]. 
The Di Jiang is also described to have an aura of cinnabar [2].
Even though Di Jiang does not have a mouth or ears it is commonly said to enjoy singing and dancing [1,2].
Di Jiang was one of the deities born from the last breath of Pan Gu, the creator of the world [1].
In some mythological interpretations, Di Jiang is called Hun Dun and is one of the four evils [1].
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