The Hadhayosh is a huge metallic ox from ancient Persian mythology.
Forged from brass by a god this enormous ox had six powerful horns and a mane of fire. These fearsome beasts are said to have raided 14th-century Iran. 
In the original creation, men rode upon it to pass between regions, and in the event referred to as the renovation of the universe the body of the hadhayosh is used to create an immortality potion known as Hush [1].

The Bundahishn Describing The Death of Hadhayosh
When the hadhayosh is slain 55 species of grain and 12 species of medicinal plants sprout from the earth with the seminal energy of the ox. This seed is then purified by the light of the moon and "fully prepared in every way" and then it produces life in the body. This passage is believed to mean that the effect of drinking this potion either prolongs life or makes one completely immortal [2].
After the grain and medicinal plants sprout two oxen, one male and one female rise from the ground and 282 of each species appear on the earth [2]. 

The Avesta
The Avesta describes how to remove imperfect bodies from men through a ceremony called Izishna. There nectar made from the fat of hadhayosh is consumed in combination with the white Hom juice and then all being who consumed it will become immortal [3].
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