The Manananggal is a vampire like creature from the Philippines. It is grouped into the Aswang family of Filipino folklore creatures that include many creature. It is usually described as a hideous female although sometimes male who can when hunting separate its upper torso from its legs and sprout large bat wings to fly in search of victims.
It is described as having a long tongue which is used to suck the blood of sleeping victims. It does however have a favorite meal which is the heart of a fetus sucked through the belly button of a sleeping pregnant woman.

As most Aswangs the Manananggal is weak to garlic, salt and holy water. But they have more weaknesses which the tend to avoid. This include daggers, vinegar, light and spices as well as the tail of a stingray which is said to be used as a whip.
The Manananggal seams to be most common in tales from the Capiz province.
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