My name is Niklas Hellberg and I am the creator of encyclopediamythologica.com. 
The goal of this project was originally only to have fun and draw some fun creatures. I later wanted to increase my scope to become something of a bestiary. For now, this is not supposed to be some all-encompassing encyclopedia but just a place to get information about some of the worlds mythological and folk-lore creatures. 
This is an ever-ongoing project so expect creatures to be added slowly over time. The way I select creatures to add is a large wheel of names on google which I fill to the brim with every whacky creature, god, and other entity from mythology I come across. If you have some favorite creature it is most likely on the wheel so keep an eye out for that special creature!
I have been gone for a long but now I am back and I am currently in the process of adding sources to all of the creatures in this list. A thing to keep in mind is that of course, Wikipedia is a big source for many of these as it naturally contains a lot of information but I try not to only use Wikipedia, and whenever I refer to the sources I try to as often as possible refer to the source itself as well as read the information from that source. I say this so that you are not surprised if a page's source list might look similar to that of the source list on Wikipedia.
If you have any suggestions whether creature or otherwise please feel free to send a message to the webpage mail via the contact form below.
Thank you!
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